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Cleveland Pollinator & Native Plant Symposium

Friday, September 20, 2019
8:00 - 4:30 pm
Cleveland Botanical Garden
11030 East Blvd, Cleveland, Ohio
Saturday, September 21, 2019
New!! A second day with five field trips and private garden experience

The Fifth Annual Cleveland Pollinator & Native Plant Symposium will focus on shifting traditional horticultural practices to create landscapes for beauty, biodiversity, and ecological benefits.   Emmerse yourself in a full day of enlightening and energizing presentations!   Explore the importance of restoring our increasingly fragmented and disappearing native habitats beginning in our own backyards -- whether large or small.  
Learn More: Symposium schedule, speakers, and topics

master rain gardener logo

Master RAIN Gardener Program

Registration Open Now!

This Master Rain Gardener Program will teach you how to manage rain water in your own yard.   This 5 week course is open to residents of Lake and Geauga County and can be taken in-person or online.   Registration is now open to Cuyahoga residents and professionals on a wait list basis.
Full Program Information

Partners include Chagrin River Watershed Partners, Lake County Soil & Water Conservation District, Lake County Stormwater Management Department, Holden Forests and Gardens, Lake Metroparks, and The Ohio State University.

Master Rain Gardener Questions?   email Laura Bonnell  or call her at 440-975-3870 ext. 1002

Interested in helping discover and document
the natural heritage of a beautiful Portage Park District park?

Towner's Woods

You are cordially invited to participate!
Invitation with important event details

Portage Park District bioblitz
The Bioblitz starts at 8:00 am
on Friday, 14 June 2019
Lunch will be provided at noon

Bioblitz Sign-up
Contact Bob Lange

Bob Lange, natural areas steward, and
his colleagues at the Portage Park District
are excited about the prospets of new discoveries
with your help.

Bioblitz Event Questions?
Contact Bob Lange

Interested in helping develop a baseline species list
for a great new Geauga Park District park?
Here's your opportunity!

Veterans Legacy Woods

GPD bio-blitz at Veterans Legacy Woods on 1 June 2019
Day starts at 8:00 am
Hearty breakfast and Light lunch provided

Bio-Blitz Sign-up
Contact Charles Fletcher

 ✿  ALL skill levels  ✿
Your participation is encouraged and welcomed!!
Geauga Park District's Paul Pira,
Cleveland Museum of Natural History's Jim Bissell, and
other fellow enthusiasts
look forward to seeing you.

Bio-Blitz Event Questions?
Contact Charles Fletcher

Plant Search: help locate co-occurring populations

squarestem monkey flower plant, Mimulus ringens, in bloom
squarestem monkey flower
great blue lobelia plant, Lobelia siphilitica, in bloom
great blue lobelia
Dr. Randall Mitchell is looking for field sites with co-occurring populations of squarestem monkey flower, Mimulus ringens and great blue lobelia, Lobelia siphilitica. Both of these plants occur throughout the Midwest in or near wetlands, including floodplains and bottomland forests, swamps, seeps, soggy meadows, ditches, woodland borders, moist pasture areas ....

These plants are pollinated by native bumble bees. He is trying to see if:
  • the plants compete with one another for bee visitation; and
  • whether they affect each other's reproduction.
Ideal sites would have many (>100) individuals of each plant species interspersed, but he is interested in any site that has both of them. If you know of a place where they co-occur,
Dr. Mitchell would love to hear about it!

Call Dr. Randall Mitchell at 330.972.5122, Department of Biology, University of Akron, Akron OH 44325-3908 or email Dr. Mitchell,
Thank you for your interest and help!!

Field Notes:  Our heritage is soil bound

The 2015 Gentian Award honoree was our founding president Ann Malmquist

News of Interest

"... conservation improves water quality, promotes native plant growth, and encourages wildlife in the water and on land."

Gary Popotnik, The Wilderness Center

Concentrating on Conservation
  The Independent, 7 March 2015, by Christina McCune

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Unlikely Ties between Geology and Wildflowers
Rooted in Geology 2015-1

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2016 Annual Meeting

The Native Plant Society was honored to present The Wilderness Center with our 2016 Gentian Award and to welcome Carrie Elvey, Senior Naturalist of The Wilderness Center, who accepted the award on their behalf.
We wish to thank Jim McCormac for giving a captivating and informative talk on lichens at our annual meeting. We appreciate his sharing his time with us and helping us learn about this fascinating subject!
Mr. McCormac shares his nature photographs and writings through his blog Ohio Birds and Biodiversity.
His nature blog is a "must bookmark" for those interested in Ohio's flora and fauna.