Annual Grant Program

Our Society provides financial support for the work of others who pursue the mission of our Society in research, conservation, or education. Each grant is $500. A founding member and first President, Ann Malmquist established an endowment that funds the grants awarded. Application deadline dates are announced annually.

Deadline for 2019 Grant Application Submissions is 5:00 PM on Friday, September 20, 2019

Native Plant Society of Northeastern Ohio 2019 Grant Application Guidelines
Past Grant Awardees

Grant Application Guidelines

The Native Plant Society of Northeastern Ohio is accepting applications for our 2019 Grant(s). We will consider projects that demostrate excellence in research, conservation, or education that clearly support the mission and goals of the Native Plant Society of Northeastern Ohio (NPSNEO).

Our mission: To promote the study, appreciation, and conservation of the native plants and native plant communities of Ohio.
The Native Plant Society goals:

  • to promote native plant conservation through habitat protection and other means
  • to foster public knowledge and appreciation of native plants
  • to support proper ethics and methods of natural landscaping
  • to encourage surveys and research on native plants and publication of findings
  • cooperation with other programs and organizations concerned with the conservation of natural resources

Application and Submission Requirements: Your application should include the following:

  • contact information: name, phone number, e-mail, and postal address
  • project summary; and
  • outline how grant money will be used
Deadline for 2019 Grant Application Submissions is 5:00 PM on Friday, September 20, 2019

Grant applicants will be notified of the status of their application by Saturday, October 12, 2019. Public announcement of the grant(s) awarded will take place at the 2019 NPSNEO annual meeting on Saturday, November 9, 2019. Those awarded a grant will be invited to attend the NPSNEO 2019 annual meeting to accept the award and asked to attend the annual meeting again the following year to give a brief presentation on the project.

E-mail your application referencing "2019 Grant Application" in the subject line to:
Mail three (3) copies to:
Judy Barnhart, President
Native Plant Society of Northeastern Ohio
10761 Pekin Rd.
Newbury, Ohio 44065

Lorain County Metro Parks
Carlisle Visitor Center
Wildlife Observation Area project

At our Annual Meeting on 29 October 2016, The Native Plant Society announced our grant awards. Thank you to Mary and Meredith for submitting their grant application and for making and sharing this video.
We are happy to help support their project!

2013  -  The Coit Road Farmers Market/ East Cleveland Farmers Market Preservation Society, will receive a grant of $500.00 to develop a Native Plant Garden on a parcel of land adjacent to the Farmers Market. This vacant lot was acquired from the Cuyahoga County Land Bank. The garden will be planted for neighborhood beautification and habitat for pollinators and wildlife. They plan to emphasize the use of native fruit bearing trees, shrubs and perennials. Community service workers and volunteers will provide the labor for the project with the support of the City of East Cleveland. Specifically, the grant will be used to purchase native plants for the garden. Accepting the grant for the Coit Road Farmers Market is East Cleveland Farmers Market Preservation Society board member, Sandy Pancoe.

- The City of Mentor, receiving $500.00 for a program to reduce non-native invasive plants from the Mentor Marsh, involve community and school groups and educate the community on the importance of invasive plant removal.  This program will support the City of Mentor's long-term strategic goals, to manage these natural areas so that they have productive, native plant dominated habitats that can be enjoyed by wildlife and citizens and to demonstrate that this kind of program can work, that it has many civic benefits and that many potential partners will come forward once this program is underway.  Specifically the grant may be used for the purchase of tools needed to facilitate the removal of invasive plants aw well as the development or purchase of educational materials for citizen outreach.  Accepting the award is Abe Bruckman, Grants Coordinator for the City of Mentor.

2012 -  None  

2011 -   The Doan Brook and Shaker School Stream Corridor Project, is the winner of our 2011 Annual Grant.  The Doan Brook and Shaker School Stream Corridor Project is an ongoing restoration and research project.  The first steps of the project restored in-stream habitats by creating meanders (looping changes of direction), reconnecting the stream with its flood plain and establishing a narrow riparian corridor.  This work was completed over the past five years with grants from other sources.  The 2011 phase of the project expanded and diversified a section of the South Branch of Doan Brook.

The funds from our Grant will be used to purchase native plants and to provide field guides for students.  Students from the environmental club have volunteered to plant the native trees, shrubs, and perennials with technical support from teachers and other experts.  The new plantings will expand the width of the riparian corridor to provide an increase in the biodiversity within the watershed and expand the land lab for students.  Students will work with teachers and expert biologists from the Cleveland Museum of Natural History to conduct bio-blitzes establishing a baseline prior to the expansion and diversification.  In subsequent years they will conduct studies to track changes in the health of the stream and the biodiversity of the area.  The project will also be used to provide education on sustainable landscape and watershed issues. 

-  This year at the annual meeting we awarded our annual grant to the Lake Erie Allegheny Partnership (LEAP).  The monies will be used to promote LEAP‘s Plant of the Year, including the LEAP website and LEAP member organizational websites, outreach programs, native plant sales, promotional flyers and other materials.  Fact sheets will be created and distributed to all LEAP organizations and partners to ensure that a common message and common facts are conveyed to gardeners. 

-  Roger Laushman, study smooth rose Rosa blanda, and hybridization with invasive rose species
          -  Katie Martin, starting a native wildflower garden at a school with the student
          -  Mentor marsh

2008 -  No applicants

2007 -  Stacy Heffernan, CMNH  Future Scientist Tremont Neighborhood Urban Ecology project

2006 -  No applicants, grant given to Cleveland Museum of Natural History (CMNH) for their Natural Areas Fund

2005 -  Jim Bissell CMNH, North Kingsville Swamp purchase

2004 -  Dr. Shya Chitaley, CMNH, part-time research assistant for Restoration of 360 Mil yr old forest
          -  Hope Taft, Ohio Botanical Garden, Governors Residence

2003 -  Jason Hopkins, KSU – Flora & Ecological survey of Jennings Woods