Virtual Archives -- 1983 - 1989

Each On the Fringe publication contains well written and informative articles on plants, ecology, plant science, nature, and so much more. As you read through the pages of earlier publications, the evolving history of the Native Plant Society of NEO comes alive as do the contributions over the years of many dedicated men and women who possessed ageless curiosity and shared care and concern for native plants and good stewardship of our natural world. Their individual actions and collective efforts made a difference.
Thank you and enjoy!

Original publications of On the Fringe are archived at The Cleveland Musuem of Natural History. These historical documents are currently under the care of the museum's librarian Wendy Wasman and are available for viewing in the museum's Harold T. Clark Library.

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small orange flower graphicBlooming List, Brian Parsons
small orange flower graphicThe Herbarium Resource, Jim Bissell
small orange flower graphicThe Wonders of Nature, Roxy Hayes
Artistic Illustrations
spring wildflowers ~~ absolutely wonderful!!, Maureen Bartel
Virtues Beyond Beauty, Wendy Perks
Big Creek, Nate Fink
Landscaping With Native Plants, Brain Parsons
Artistic Illustrations
spring wildflowers ~~ beautiful!!, Phyllis Leonetti
What is This?, Roxy Hayes
Native in the Garden, Larry Giblock
June Bloomers, Brian Parsons
Artistic Illustrations
wildflowers with clever caption phrasing ~~ lovely!!
The Elusive Gentians, Perry Peskin
pH pH pH pH pH
Native in the Garden, Brian Parsons
Cultural Requirements chart: gentians and buckbean families
Artistic Illustrations
gentian blossoms with informative border and
border design depicting insects and flora ~~ beautiful artwork!!
Stumpy Basin field Trip, Brian Parsons
Stars of the Late Show, Tom Yates
Artistic Illustrations
late season wildflowers and flower head shapes
of corymb and cyme ~~ fine details!!
Autumn in the Garden, Brian Parsons
excerpts from Violets of the Vineyard, Dan Best
Artistic Illustrations
sweet gum, Liquidambar styraciflua leaves, fruit
and grapevine border ~~ nice!!
President Comments
Native Plant Society formed 30 September 1982
"... a year of accomplishment, learning, and enjoyment."
Special acknowledgement to members who gave their time and
led field trips and those who generously made financial contributions.
So You Think Botany is Stuffy, Dr. Donald Dean
Trees in Winter, Nate Fink
Places to Go
Mohican Memorial Forest
Burton Landing
Conservation Alert
Big Darby Creek state river status
Book Reviews
Wilma H. Kupfer: Jewels of the Plains, Clause A. Barr
Artistic Illustrations
snow buntings and conifer needles ~~ lovely
Winter Nature Interpretations, Emliss Ricks, Jr.
February Flowers, Kent L. Scott
Places to Go
Conservation Alert
Robert Eberhardt, 2 December 1983, Plain Dealer: Forum
Book Reviews
Wilma H. Kupfer: Two-Moon Pond, Paul Koepke
Ann K. Malmquist: The Blue Planet, Louise B. Young
Gene Spohn: Never Cry Wolf, Farley Mowat
Artistic Illustrations
Canada goldenrod and early spring wildflowers ~~ lovely
Orchid Time is Coming, David R. McAdoo
Latern Court at The Holden Arboretum
Spring Ephemerals, Kevin Mattingly
Places to Go
Bob Faber: Arthur B. Williams Forest
Jim Bissell: Oak Openings Metropolitan Park
Conservation Alert
Jim Bissell: preserving the Cuyahoga wetlands
Book Review
David R. McAdoo: books and field guides on orchids
Fascinating Facts
Jim Bissell: orchids
Let's Look at the Grasses, Perry Peskin
Places to Go
Ann K. Malmquist: Adams County Shawnee Forest area
Lucy Braun Preserve and more!!
Artistic Illustrations
wildflowers and grasses ~~ exquisite!!
President's Column
charter from Sec. of State expected soon --
Chapter 1, NPSNEO of The Ohio Native Plant Society
proposing white trillium,Trillium grandiflorum as state wildflower
The Amish Medicine Chest, authored and beautifully illustrated,
Larry Giblock
Our Fascinating Ferns, Jay Beswick and beautifully illustrated
by Cathy Ricks
It is Autumn ~ You Can Tell by the Colors, Gene Spohn
Places to Go
Dan Best: Castalia Prairie located within the Resthaven Wildlife Area
Nature Walk, Perry Peskin
What's In a Name? Plenty, Donald S. Dean
Artistic Illustrations
And!! ....
ODNR Division of Natural Areas and Preserves published
Ohio Endangered and Threatened Vascular Plants,
B. Andreas, J. Burns, A. Cusick, D. Emmitt, J. Marshall, D. Spooner
Legacy of Our Landscape, Guy Denny
The Missing Plants of Northeastern Ohio, James F. Burns
Book Reviews
The Crust of Our Earth, Chet Raymo
The Evolution of North America, Phillip King
Conservation Alert
Ronald L. Stuckey: Purple Loosestrife, Lythrum salicaria
Artistic Illustration
absolutely fabulous!!
Beauty and the Bog, Marylee Stephenson
A Few Favorite Books, Donald S. Dean
~~ Humanistic Botany, Tippo and Stern
~~ The Green World, Richard M. Klein
~~ Science and Creationism, Ashley Montagu
Places to Go
The Wilderness Center
Conservation Alert
concern of environmentalists re:
reviving plans for the Lake Erie - Ohio River Canal
Book Review
In a Patch of Fireweed, Bernd Heinrich
Mosses: What are They, James R. Rastorfer with illustrations
by Judith B. Rastorfer
Versatile Viburnums, Mark Druckenbrod
Places to Go
Irwin Prairie State Nature Preserve
Conservation Alert
Phragmites, Phragmites australis
Book Review
The Evolution of Plants and Flowers, Barry A. Thomas
Artistic Illustrations
mosses and viburnums detailed ~~ finely done!!
And!! ....
Jim Bissell Wins Highest State Award
Tom Yates and Brian Parsons chosen by
the Center for Plant Conservation to head the midwest Regional Garden
Refining the Definition of a Native Plant, Karl Smith
Editorial: Unethical removal of plants at Titus Bog
The Oak Openings of Northwestern Ohio, Nathan W. Easterly
Artistic Illustrations
wildflowers ~~ well done!!
Ferns and Fern Allies of Kentucky, Ray Cranfill
Vittaria Gametophytes Discovered in a New Physiographic Provence,
Allison W. Cusick
Man has Nature on the Brink, Ron Haybron
Places to Go
Oak Openings and Secor Nature Center
Artistic Illustrations
nicely done!!
And!! ....
H.B. No. 76: legislation being introduced in Ohio Senate
to ban sale of purple loosestrife in this state
Ohio Polygonums, Clinton H. Hobbs
Ohio Plant Species of Federal Concern, Allison W. Cusick
Proposed Canal Threatens Grand River Riches, Jim Bissell
with Comments by Bev Danielson
Nature Preserve's Checkoff Program, Elizabeth Wrobel-Boerner
And!! ....
H.B. 763 introduced into the General Assembly:
adopting the white trillium as state wildflower
The Fern Flowers (Pedicularis) and Their Pollinators
~ A Study in Co-Adaptation
, Lazarus Walter Macior
Wetlands - Part One: Trends, Definitions and Values, Jim Bissell
Slide Herbarium
Conservation Alert
importance and necessary protection of wetland environments
President's Column
Bill for Trillium grandiflorum updates
Bill for Grand River Canal and Dam teporarily suspended
John Burroughs quotation from Words of Life Anthology
Wetland - Part Two, Jim Bissell
Gardening for Butterflies, Eric N. Metzler
Chimps Appear to Use Herbal Medicine
Ann K. Malmquist: Conservation Editorial
destruction of two wetland habitats by man ....
M. R. Larson: Book Review
Plant Classification, Lyman Benson
Artistic Illustrations
accompanying articles ~~ beautiful!!
President's Column
bill to make white trillium the State wildflower
passed the House in March -- vote 89-4
And!! ....
Significance of Wetlands Garden Center Ravene Project,
Larry Giblock
Cranberry Bog State Nature Preserve with illustrations,
excerpt from ODNR booklet by Guy Denny
Pollination of Tipularia discoor an Orchid with Modified Symmetry,
Warren Stoutamire
The Prairie with illustrations, Nichols and Entine
Sticky Business - The Milkweed: Peril-filled Pollination,
Christine Autotte
Field Studies in Natural History - Grasses and the Prairie
Miami Whitewater Forest
with illustrations, Jeff Knoop
Tallgrass Prairie Management at the Aullwood Audubon Center
and Farm in Dayton, Ohio
, Paul Knoop
Artistic Illustrations
Plant parts: grasses and other plants
Trilliaceae: Collecting Specimens in Yunnan, China, Vic Soukup
U.S. Loses Tropical Forests, Eric Van Lennep
1986 - 87 Changes to Ohio Rare Plant List
Endowment Fund, Laurel Giblock
Editor's Column
First Ohio Native Plant Society State Meeting held
Representative Bob Clark of Geauga County presented
the Trillium Bill Governor Celeste signed into law
New Officers for 1987
Networking to Save Imperilled Plants, D.A. Falk and K.S. Walter
Leopold's Lament, Brian Parsons
Trollius laxus, Salisb. ssp. laxus, Spreading Globe-Flower, Guy Denny
Wilderness Center Weekend
1987 Projects
On the Edge of Hill Country: Blackhand Gorge, Dr. Jeanne Willis
Almost Another Bluebell Line, Miles Kington
Mate Compatibility and Mate Choice in Plants, Dr. Michael Melampy
Editor's Column
The Journal of the Ohio Native Plant Society: new masthead
Ohio Natural Heritage Program, Robert McCance, Jr.
Trials and Triumphs with the Newest Trend in Ground Covers,
Eva Hepfner with Comments by Brian Parsons
Meadow Gardening, Donna Levy
Common Ingredients of Wildflower Mixes
Native Shrubs of Ohio, Tom Stanley
A History of the Nature Conservancy and Its Preservation Efforts
in Ohio
, Larry Smith
The Problem of Extinction, Ron Jones
Cranberries of Ohio, Guy L. Denny
Gardening with Ferns, Dr. Carl Chuey
Ripping Up Alaskan Forest, Michael Zimmerman
Bird Seed Report
Rescuing Native Ferns, Frank Dershaw
Fungus Gardening, Norris Denman
The Ethics of Introducing Species, John A. Shuey
Cherish Plants, David B. Owens
Milkweed: A Plant of Many Uses
And!! ....
Dr. Barbara Andreas won the President's National Stewardship Award
Dr. Charlie King given the National Oak Leaf Award
Eastern American Trilliums, Frederick W. Case, Jr.
Edgar T. Wherry 1885 - 1982, Warren Herbert Wagner, Jr.
Wild Collection: Behind VMPS Policy, Mary Pockman
Tongass Emergency!!
Eastern American Trilliums, Frederick W. Case Jr.
Winter Gardening With Natives, Frank Kershaw
Small White Lady's Slipper with illustration ~~ nicely detailed!!,
Guy L. Denny
The Halophytes are Coming! The Halophytes are Here!
with illustrations ~~ nice!!, Perry K. Peskin
Easy Steps to Plant Identification with illustrations, Mary L. Wilmoth
Landscaping With Native Plants -- Big Trees, John P. Bowles
Landscaping With Native Ohio Shrubs, John P. Bowles
When Bulldozers Come to the Marsh, Who Do You Call?, Peter Weber
Trek to Survival: The Walking Fern, Leslie P. Nyman and
David A. Marchand
On the Loose, Cora A.M. Nelson
Purple Loosestrife Update
And!! ....
Letter from Professor Macior ~~ Recipient of Annual Grant
Jim Bissell received 1988 Lake County Environmental Award
Carol Spears, a CVNRA ranger, awarded
the prestigious Freeman Tilden Award for outstanding interpretation
Garden Center Wildflower Garden
-- section of the Native Plant Garden given to the Native Plant Society
Native Plant Society Seed Exchange, Tom Yates
Ohio Endangered Plant List: 1988 Version, Robert McCance, Jr.
Rare Plant Protection, Conservancy Style, Dr. Larry E. Morse
Landscaping With Native Ohio Shrubs, John P. Bowles
Watch Out for the Tick Attack
The Fine Art of Seed Collecting, Margaret Williams
The Teays River, Michael C. Hansen
Rare Ohio Plants Associated With the Teays River, Jim Burns
Woody Plants and the Drought of '88, Charles Tubesing
Botanizing the Bruce, Isobel and Leslie Greenop
Common Prickly Pear, Opuntia humifusa (Raf) Raf.,
Guy L. Denny
Jay W. Beswick
Why Should We Save Our Plants, Robert H. Mohlenbrock
Native Plants and the Nursery Trade, Jane Scott
Where to Write for Plant Conservation Information
How Plants Fight Back, Mary Batten
Elephants Try to Save Calf, Mourn Its Death
An October Day at Beaver Creek State Nature Preserve,
Chuck Thomas
Chapters of Ohio Native Plant Society
small orange flower graphicThe Native Plant Society of Northeastern Ohio
small orange flower graphicThe Wilderness Botanizers
small orange flower graphicCincinnati Wildflower Preservation Society
small orange flower graphicNative Plant Society of Central Ohio
small orange flower graphicNative Plant Society of The Miami Valley
small orange flower graphicNative Plant Society of Little Beaver Creek
small orange flower graphicNative Plant Society of S.E. Ohio
small orange flower graphicThe Toledo Naturalitists
Book Review
The Vascular Flora of Ohio Volume Two:
The Dicotyledoneae of Ohio Part Three: Asteraceae
Richard T. Fisher
Ohio Wetlands: The Peatlands - Part 1, illustrations ~~ nice details,
Dr. Barbara Andreas
Propagator's Perspective, Bill Brumback
Book Reviews
Ann K. Malmquist: Wildflowers of Indiana, Fred Wampler
with paintings by Maryrose Wampler
TLB: A Focus on Peatlands and Peat Mosses, Howard Crum
in collaboration with Sandra Planisek
Linking Geology and Botany ... A New Approach, Jane Forsyth
Wild Ginger - One of Our Best Known Wildflowers
Protecting Ohio Endangered Plants: The Big Tasks Are Ahead,
Robert McCance Jr.
How Fast Can Trees Migrate?, Richard M. Klein
Book Review
Botany Illustrated, Janice Glimn-Lacy and Peter B. Kaufman
Artic Refuge Needs Your Urgent Support
The Ethics of Plant Conservation, Richard Lighty, PhD
The Ohio Distribution of Bigleaf and Umbrella Magnolias,
James F. Burns
There's No Poison in Ivy, Just a Sap With Zap in It
Virginia Bluebells
Global Warming and Ohio's Climatic Refugia, James F. Burns
A Return to Beaver Creek State Nature Preserve, Chuck Thomas
The Great Provider, Mary F. MacDonald
Wild-Collected Bulbs to Avoid
Roots and Fungi: A Vital Partnership, Elinor Crank
A Weed May Save Your Life
Book Review
The Dicotyledoneae of Ohio, T. Richard Fisher
And!! ....
Ruth Fiscus awarded the Ohio Conservation Achievement Award
In Rememberance: Jay W. Beswick Wildflower Walk at
Bedford Reservation on 13 May 1989, Chuck Thomas
Tropical Ferns, or Their Relative, in Ohio, Robert M. Lloyd
Why Preserve Natural Variety?, Bryan G. Norton
The Preservation of Species, The Value of Biological Diversity,
edited by Bryan G. Norton
New Life For Old Trees, Dr. Michael Zimmerman
Trust Fund for Saving the Land Faces Hard Fight in Congress
Duckweeds ... Flowers in Miniature, Laima Kott
Mosses, Deci Lowry
Plants Don't Take Enemy Attack Lying Down, Jane E. Brody