Cladonia cristatella

English name(s):
British soldier lichen,
scarlett-crested cladonia
Family:  Cladoniaceae
A lichen is a composite organism. As all lichens, this brightly colored fruticose lichen bears the name of the fungus, Cladonia cristatella. The alga is Trebouxia erici.
decaying wood, soil, mossy logs, and tree stumps
cladonia = branch (describes characteristic habit of growth) + crista = crest
Additional notes:
Lichens are Fungi!

photograph courtesy of Lisa K. SchlaG

continental:  distribution map


Historical description:  Periods of lichen classification, General Lichenology, Albert Schneider, M.S., M.D. 1897, pp. 24-30. 

Sectional view of thallus, the body of the lichen.

Sectional view of thallus, the body of the lichen.

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children's books;
botany; and
a vegetable garden

the answer

Proceedings of the Linnean Society
1 April 1897, bottom p. 11.

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