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NPS: Spokane Swamp Forest

Bristol Township, Trumbull County

Jim Bissell, Curator of Botany at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, leads this joint trip with NEON.

Spokane Swamp, just purchased by the museum last year, is a swamp forest with many peat-based ponds along the east side of the Greenway Trail, east of Rt. 45 in Trumbull County.  Rose shell azalea is quite common in portions of the swamp, and the state-threatened Walter's St. Johnswort, Triadenum walteri, is found there, formerly known only from southern Ohio.


Take I-90 east to Rt. 45.  Head south on Rt. 45 past Rt. 88 a little over a mile.  Turn Left onto Hyde-Shaffer Rd.  Follow Hyde-Shaffer Rd. until you pass the Western Reserve Greenway Trail (a bike trail running across Hyde-Shaffer Rd.).  Park on the south side of the road just beyond Greenway Trail.

Call Judy at 440.564.9151 to register.