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NPS: How Climate Change May Affect Mid-Western Ecosystems

The Mid-Western region of the United States -- from Minnesota to Ohio -- currently supports all three major North American ecosystems or "biomes":  eastern deciduous forests, northern coniferous, and western grasslands.  This unique ecological distribution is a direct result of this region's current climatic conditions.  However, climatologists predict significant changes in temperature, precipitation, and soil moisture patterns taking place over the next 100 years.  As each biome is comprised of plants adapted to survive and thrive only within a limited range of climatic conditions, such major shifts in climate will likely result in a corresponding and potentially radical shift in the composition of ecosystems throughout the region.

Dr. Jeffrey Corney, the Executive Director of The Wilderness Center, talks about how climate change is impacting us now in addition to general overview of the Wilderness Center.

Location:  Chagrin Falls Library, 100 East Orange Street, Chagrin Falls 44022.

Directions:  Just east of Main Street.

No registration required.