Bedford Reservation: Sagamore Creek Walk

"Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished."
Lao Tzu

We had a wonderful time on the Wednesday evening of 16 April 2014 identifying and photographing various plants along the Linda Falls trail. Our path led us through a woodland, along the edge of a ravine, and into a floodplain populated by wildflowers in differing stages of emergence. Along the way we passed a white oak tree and were told that shed skins of black rat snakes have been observed in the branches. None were observed on our evening walk.

Nature is a wonderful teacher. During the past wildflower walks this year, many shared their observations regarding the delayed emergence and bloom cycle of plants this spring. Despite some disappointment at not being able to view particular plants in their peak glory on scheduled walks, an opportunity to become acquainted with earlier stages of plant form and structure that may otherwise go unnoticed arose. It is also a gentle and meaningful reminder that sometimes in life despite the best of intentions things don’t always go according to schedule or the best laid plans; but, with patience, kind understanding, and faith things do have a way of sorting out in their own time.

The Native Plant Society wishes to express appreciation to our guide Fred Losi and Ellen Brown-Armstrong and Frank Comodeca for sharing their time, knowledge, and enthusiasm and for helping guide us along on our path of nature sturdy! Mr. Losi prepared and handed out to each walk participant a plant list of native and non-native wildflowers he has observed at Bedford Reservation which served as a checklist for the evening. He also recorded our walk route from start to finish that evening using GPS. Very interesting to see! The following observation list illuminates the diversity found in nature in the space and time of a couple of hours.

Experiencing the beauty of and learning about nature with all of you is always a joyous adventure! Please visit our website to learn more about native plants, our society, upcoming programs and field trips, and other resources that can help you with your curiosity and your quest to learn about our natural world.

With kindest regards to all,
Lisa K. Schlag
Native Plant Society of Northeastern Ohio