Our heritage is soil bound


Cleveland Museum of Natural History
From Field to Herbarium

Field Notes 30.i.2016

Greetings Everyone,

Sharing anticipation and interest, Native Plant Society members and guests gathered for our society's first program of the new year to learn about The Cleveland Museum of Natural History herbarium. Objects, details, and facts of plants, people, and current affairs were displayed and discussed. Through sharing his life experience, recounting the life experiences of others, presenting plant specimens to observe and touch, and talking about habitat, geology, and conservation, what we also learned more about that afternoon through Jim Bissell was our heritage.

The information Jim Bissell shared with us during our afternoon visit was comprehensive. Many wanted to stay and learn more. The narrative by Judy Barnhart captures the afternoon's program well. The added graphics and links supplement key points discussed and provide further sources of study.

The Native Plant Society wishes to express our appreciation to Jim Bissell for sharing his knowledge and time. We also wish to express appreciation to members and guests who were able to join us.

We look forward to seeing you at future programs and outings!

With kind regards,
 Lisa K. Schlag
Native Plant Society NE Ohio Treasurer